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Can I return my individually purchased products?



  • Patti Johnston

    I am extremely surprised that you do not stand behind your products.  I purchased close to $20.00 in Honey Pot products yesterday at my local Walmart; both purchased for itch removal (the spray and wipes).  Neither did anything to relieve my vaginal itch.  No where in this website am I given a chance to tell other potential customers not to waste their money.  I will attempt to return the products to Walmart later today.  Guess I can proclaim with certainty that I shall not be purchasing any more Honey Pot products in the future.  


    Patti Johnston

    Littleton, Colorado

  • Gayle M Brown

    I purchased the liners for the first time and THE pad gives me a burning sensation! Hmmm that tells me that it reacts with the skin NEGATIVELY. I have asked for the return of my funds also and I agree with Ms. Johnson's comment.

    Gayle Brown

  • Caitlin Whiting

    I think it's robbery to be selling a rebranded white label product like the menstrual cup and then not offer any kind of refund for a $20+ product that is useless to the customer if it isn't right for their body. Absolutely wasted silicone in a landfill. Stick that up your honeypot.


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