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What if I'm not satisfied with my product?



  • Carvonda Young

    I bought the suppositories which came with a BAD applicator to insert. I CANNOT use the product because of this and am extremely unhappy about this. I am using another companies product because of this!

  • Jessica L. Scales

    I am very upset the panty spray is no longer "100% natural" and there's more unnatural ingredients in the spray triggering odor. Also the lavender spray is now lavender rose. I am allergic to rose. This should have been noted somewhere. Misleading advertisement.

  • Cielo Fenn

    Hi, I couldn’t find on your site for a request because I love your product!! I have one thing that frustrates the heck out of me each day and that is that your pad liners have white tape that I have trouble finding, whether it’s the green or the pink one!
    Please could you change this in your next production so it’s not white on white!
    Otherwise I love your pads🥰


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