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Is it normal to feel irritated when I use the herbal pad?



  • Christie Roth

    I felt more than a "mild irritation" and apparently there are thousands of other women who have had to suffer through this as well. It should not be sold in stores. We are not supposed to have essential oils anywhere near our privates! Mine burned so badly I thought I was having an allergic reaction. And that was after only wearing the product for 5 minutes! This should be discontinued.

  • Lana Boykiw

    I too experienced this sensation. I thought mint might be ok. I tried wrapping toilet paper around the mid section of the pad to be able to use them. It did not help. I have discontinued use as suggested.

  • Lana Boykiw

    Thought I would give the Everyday Herbal-Infused panty liners another chance. Somehow there is no problem with the mint this time. I do not feel anything. I was surprised cuz a couple hours later I realized it had not affected me. Not going to question it.

  • Christina Armieri

    I felt a burning sensation as well. I didn't realize mint had that effect. @Lana Boykiw, what did you do differently the 2nd time around, for it not to burn you. Thank you.


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