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When I put the pad on, I felt a cool sensation - is that normal?



  • Jeanie Becnel

    I have been using the everyday liners for a while now and accidentally bought the mint ones. ( horrible mistake,uncomfortable burning) Can yall please put a warning label on the minty ones. The packaging is very similar. Thanks.

  • Lynn Stairs

    This is not NOT the mint essential oils it is the l-Menthol burning all of us, I honestly can't believe they put menthol in this product. I have no idea how this made it past testing. They need to get it off the shelf!

  • Tabitha Babcock

    I literally just used one for my first time and WOAH!!!! That is NO comfortable COOLING feeling that is a cool BURNING feel. I ran so fast to the bathroom to take it off because there is nothing comfortable about that! You should put a label on those things as a warning.

  • Jenn Banda

    Last night as I laid in bed after applying my first ever HoneyPot product, I felt a burning sensation that reminded me of the time I used a peppermint bath bomb and felt like all my personal areas were being lit on fire. Thankfully it was just my crotch this time and not the rear end....anywho...WHO thought this was a good idea?!? A MAN?????  Seriously.  No one wants their vagina to feel like its been lit on fire.  Stop putting weird fragrances in personal care products its not natural and its not comfortable for the customer. 

    I usually use a diva cup but just moved and am unsure which box its in but definitely going to try to find it asap cuz this product is the worst. :-( 

  • Jasper’s momma

    Lol!! Okay. I thought I might be the only one. How in the heck did this pass? Crotch fire is correct. This is freaking ridiculous

  • Julie Chen

    What in tha…?! Why do these exist? If for some reason you are reading this BEFORE you bought them — please don’t buy them. If it’s after, I’m so sorry.

  • Anna Elliott

    I bought these for my daughter’s “first period” school kit. I am so glad I tried one before I subjected her to this! I didn’t last 5 minutes with the herbal infused pad on. This is not anything that should be near your vagina unless what you’re in the market for is some serious vagina imbalance, ungodly burning, and a yeast infection. It would have been so scary for my daughter to feel this. At school. On her first period. Does anyone LIKE this product?


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